До відома відвідувачів Національного музею-заповідника українського гончарства в Опішному!

Шановні друзі!

Національний музей-заповідник українського гончарства повідомляє, що з 01.03.2020 року починають діяти акції:

безкоштовне відвідування одного з Меморіальних музеїв-садиб (на вибір) за умови придбання економ-квитка за адресою: вул. Партизанська, 102;

10% акційна знижка на вхідні квитки (комплекс та економ-варіанти, придбані за адресою: вул. Партизанська, 102) для першої прибулої групи або першого поодинокого відвідувача музею-заповідника.

Окрім того,  просимо звернути увагу, що з 01.03.2020 року:

вартість екскурсійного обслуговування для всіх категорій відвідувачів за адресою: вул. Партизанська, 102 становить:

для групи до 5 осіб включно – 90 грн.

для групи від 6 до 18 осіб включно – 150 грн.

для групи від 19 до 30 осіб включно – 250 грн.

вартість вхідного квитка на екскурсійному маршруті № 7 (Національний музей-заповідник українського гончарства в Опішному: Музей мистецької родини Кричевських, Стіна гончарної слави України, експозиція ковальських скульптур та панно):

для дорослих – 50 грн.

для дітей шкільного віку – 40 грн.

Музей продовжує стрімко змінюватися й вдосконалюватися заради своїх гостей, тож сподіваємося на нові, не менш захоплюючі зустрічі з Вами!




           1.1 The 5th INTERSymposium of Pottery in Opishne 2014: 14х14 (hereinafter the INTERSymposium) is a polyfunctional art action, aimed at the revival of the processes of the development of modern pottery art in Ukraine and other countries of the world.

            1.2 The INTERSymposium is carried out within the bounds of the 6th Week of the National Pottery Shifting The 2014 Shift in Opishne.

            1.3 The main purpose of the INTERSymposium is to provide the creative intercourse among craftsmen representing different art trends and schools of Ukraine and foreign countries, the production of highly artistic pottery works.

            1.4 The main tasks of the INTERSymposium are:

  • to develop pottery traditions;
  • to grow craftsmanship;
  •  to exchange work experience among the craftsmen of different art trends and schools;
  • to study the current state and the general trends of the development of Ukrainian and foreign ceramics;
  • to discuss the issues of current importance regarding the theory and the practice of the modern Ukrainian and world ceramics;
  • to popularize pottery art, form the aesthetic tastes of people, procure the various usage of pottery in the everyday life of contemporaries.
  • to integrate the achievements of Ukrainian ceramics with the world pottery heritage;
  • to form the collections of the National Museum of Ukrainian Pottery in Opishne.

1.5. The purpose and main tasks of the INTERSymposium will be realized through the common work of Ukrainian and foreign pottery craftsmen, the carrying out of different art evenings, disputations, presentations of personal art projects, viewings of the videofilms, the organization of personal exhibitions and so on.

1.6. The National Museum of Ukrainian Pottery in Opishne was indicated as the location of the INTERSymposium. [102 Partyzanska Street, Opishne, Poltava Region, 38164, Ukraine; phone: +38 (05353) 42415, 42416, 42417; fax: +38 (05353) 42416, 42175].

1.7. June 11–25, 2014, was indicated as the date of the INTERSymposium

The ceremony of the declaration of the results, the award presentation of the winners,

and the solemn closing of the INTERSymposium would be held on June 25, 2014

         If the Participants want, they could stay in Opishne (at their own expense) till June 29 to take part in:

  • the 3rd National Pottery Festival (28.06.2014)
  • the 6th International Artistic Festival and Fair PotteryUniverseUkraine-2014 (27–29.06.2014)
  • the 4th National Smithery Festival VakulaFest-ХХІ(23–28.06.2014)
  • the 3rd National CeramicGraffitiFest (25–26.06.2014)
  • the 3rd National Competitive Festival of Pottery Bodypainting BodyCeramicFestUkraine (28.06.2014)


2.1. The potters and sculptors from Ukraine and foreign countries are invited to take part in the INTERSymposium. The total amount of the participants is 14 persons, including 7 Ukrainian craftsmen and 7 foreign craftsmen. The participants of the past INTERSymposiums in Opishne are invited to participate in it.

2.2. The craftsmen produce works in following nominations:

I: Pottery Fantasies;

II: Zooview.

The Participants produce a Nominal Panel in the commemoration of his sojourn in Opishne as well.

2.3. The filled request and the draft of a creative work in the first nomination (in a paper form or a digital one) should be sent till April 1, 2014, to the Management of the National Museum of Ukrainian Pottery in Opishne (hereinafter the Management) to take part in the INTERSymposium. The sending of a request cannot mean the participation of the author in the INTERSymposium, it can only be regarded as the evidence of his intentions.

2.4. The craftsmen will be also asked to give:

three colour photos (10 cm х15 cm) or digital photos of their works, that represent the peculiarities of their creative activity in full, their own photos as well as materials, characterizing their art achievements (exhibition catalogues, the photos of their works, video films, art awards, original or copied published works on the author in books or periodicals etc.). These materials, mentioned in the paragraphs 2.3 і2.4, are decisive in the selections of the pretenders to take part in the INTERSymposium. The information materials will be not given back; they will be accepted in permanent deposit in the National Archives of Ukrainian Pottery.

Craftsmen should note what information from the materials, sent by them to the address of the Management, cannot be divulged and published in press, catalogues and so on.

2.5. The English or Russian languages are obligatory for all the foreign craftsmen when filling a request. All another materials may be presented in the state languages of the candidates’ home countries.

2.6. The requests for the participation in the INTERSymposium, sent after the dead-line, will be not considered.

2.7. The requests for the participation in the INTERSymposium will be considered by the Expert Council, formed and confirmed by the Management. Its staff is not divulged. The Expert Council determines the personnel of the participants of the INTERSymposium till April 10, 2014. The Management confirms it.

The meeting of the Expert Council is closed; decisions are reached with open vote. The decision of the Expert Council is final and cannot be a subject of appeal.

2.8. The Management sends personal official invitations to take part in the INTERSymposium out to craftsmen on the basis of the decision of the Expert Council till April 20, 2014.

2.9. A craftsman could present during the INTERSymposium his own art project. He should inform the Management about his respective expectancies and necessary help till May 15, 2014.

2.10. After his arrival to Opishne every Participant will be asked to show an original invitation to the Management. Craftsmen cannot participate in the INTERSymposium without an official invitation from the Management.

2.11. Art ceramists, who gave requests but did not receive invitations, as well as artists who had taken part in the previous INTERSymposiums, could take part in the INTERSymposium hors concours. And all the expences, connected with the sojourn in Opishne, will be made for the account of the Participants.

For the participation hors concours they should inform the Management on their decision to take part till April 1, 2014. The Management informs on its decision till May 10, 2014. The abidance of all the requirements of paragraphs 2.2 and 3.5. is obligatory for the Participants hors concours.

The Participants hors concours produce works in the same nominations, as the main Participants. The works, produced by them, should be delivered gratis to the National Museum of Ukrainian Pottery in Opishne for persistent storage and exposition.

2.12. The Participant of the INTERSymposium should give to the Management, together with the application, his written acceptance of the processing of personal records, including the photos of works, their usage in printed and digital publications, in websites, and in video films of the National Museum of Ukrainian Pottery in Opishne and the Ceramology Institute – the branch of the Ethnology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The Management secures personal records, given by the Participant from the transfer of them to the third party, with the exception of the cases of their open access through printed and digital publications, websites, video films and so on.

The participation in the INTERSymposium is impossible without the receiving of such consent!


3.1. The Management contracts for mutual obligations with every Participant of the INTERSymposium during June 10-26, 2014.

3.2. The Conditions of Work.

The Management provides a Participant free gratis for:

  • workplaces in temporary creative workshops;
  • raw stuff and materials (clay, chamotte mass, chamotte, gypsum, engobes, glazes, metal oxides, cloth, polyethylene film etc.)
  • instruments (sticks, brushes, rubber syringes, knifes etc.)
  • equipment (pottery wheels, tournettes, compressor etc.)
  • kilns and muffle furnaces
  • maintenance staff’s help during firing
  • the services of pottery restorers, technologist, and laboratory assistant.

The Management provides a Participant free gratis for the above-mentioned raw stuff, materials, instruments and equipment in compliance with his request, given beforehand. The requirements of the Participants, not provided in advance requests, would be satisfied if an opportunity offers.

3.3. Board.

The Management provides a Participant for free three meals a day.

3.4. Life.

The Management provides a Participant for free accommodation in the bedrooms of a private Nadiya hotel or in the village. There are separate toilet facilities, shower cubicles, household rooms. The Management does not provide the members of the Participants’ families (wife, husband, children etc.), their friends for accommodation. If they need, they could find suitable and comfortable temporary lodgings in the village.

3.5. Medical Care.

The Management provides a Participant for emergency free medical aid in the local hospital. The Participants who has health problems, especially chronic ailments, corporal defects and so on, should be rather worried about their comfortable state of health in good time at their own expense.

All the Participants should show a certificate on their state of health and the absence of infectious diseases, approved in accordance with established procedure and given by a medical institution, to the Medical service of the Management before the INTERSymposium begins. The foreign Participants should have medical insurance without fail.

3.6. Communication Providing.

The Management provides the Participants for telephony, facsimile machine, copier, television set with space television, e-mail and Internet access.

Interpretation into English, German, French, and Spanish will be provided free of charge for all foreign Participants.

3.7. Passage.

The Management reimburses the Participants of the INTERSymposium for their expenses, connected with returns on the territory of Ukraine in the presence of travel documents.

3.8. Information Providing.

The Management provides the Participants free access to the substantial library, material, archival and audiovisual resources of the Museum.

3.9. The Management is also engaged:

  • to create a documentary video film on the INTERSymposium;
  • to popularize the creative work of the Participant in press, on radio and television;
  • to organize the final exhibition of the Participants’ works;
  • to provide the work of the Jury;
  • to organize an interesting and recreational activities.


3.10. The Participant of the INTERSymposium is engaged:

  • to produce one work in every nomination: in the nomination Pottery Fantasies in size no less than 150 cm х60 cm,
  • in the nomination Zooview in size no less than 40 cm х30 cm,
  • to produce the Nominal Panel (50 cm x 50 cm) in the commemoration of his sojourn in Opishne;
  • to burn the above-mentioned works;
  • to deliver gratis the works, produced by him to the National Museum of Ukrainian Pottery in Opishne for permanent storage.


4.1. The works will be estimated by the Jury of the 5th INTERSymposium of Pottery in Opishne 2014:14x14. The leading art potters, ceramologists, art critics are its members. The Jury works on June 25, 2014. The decision of the Jury is final and cannot be a subject of appeal.

4.2. The Jury gives the following awards:

THE GRAND PRIX 2014: 14Х14

The nomination Pottery Fantasies:

The first prize

The second prize

The third prize

The nomination Zooview:

The first prize

The second prize

The third prize

Nominal Panel:

The first prize

The second prize

The third prize

The encouragement prizes of the official partners of the INTERSymposium:

For the daring;

For the daintiness of the work;

For the technological search;

For the earth-shattering artistic solution;

For the ornamentality.

4.3. The Grand Prix winner would be entitled to take part in the 6th INTERSymposium of Pottery in Opishne 2015: 15x15 hors concours.


5.1. Those who wish to attend the INTERSymposium may obtain more specific information in the National Museum of Ukrainian Pottery in Opishne:

phone: +38 (05353) 42416;

fax: +38 (05353) 42416;

e-mail: Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її.;


The sample application form

for the participation

in the 5th INTERSymposium of Pottery in Opishne 2014:14x14



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